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For once, here is something that hasn't (completely) popped out my twisted imagination: this somehow funny looking, cartoonish train is based on a real train, a passengers DMU (Diesel Multi Unit) class ДП, which in russian is short for Дизель поезд (Diesel train). Built during WWII by the company Ganz Mavag in Hungary, a company known for building all kinds of trains, trams, ships and of course war technology during both wars, the train was aimed to Nazi Germany, where it was never to be used.

According to some other sources though, it was used in wartime Lithuania, which could explain how it ended up in the Soviet Union after the end of WWII. The company Ganz Mavag made various trains and other technology for the Soviet Union after the war. This is one of the reasons why post war soviet technology is so similar to the technology that was used in the Third Reich: they share the same technological heritage. Ganz Mavag trains are running in Lithuania nowadays, even though they are very old now, still demonstrating the quality and reliability of wartime material.

Don't you love this photo as much as I do: the controls look so simple and comfortable, but the bars make it look like you are really driving something serious...

Now, for those who wonder how the hell I know about all this since Diesel City isn't located that far in the East, I hasten to say that I owe my freshly acquired knowledge to my friend Aivaras in Lithuania who is a walking encyclopedia about anything in Eastern Europe that is Diesel or steam powered and runs... or even flies, since Aivaras also provide very helpful information to make my Zephyr picture accurate, a while ago : 


The plane in the picture is famous in Lithuania where it actually shows on banknotes in memoriam of the exploit of its pilot I forgot the name of, an exploit the brave man paid with his own life. With that, I think I will stop dabbling on Lord K.'s territory before it gets me into trouble

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Comment by lord_k on July 31, 2012 at 1:59pm

Great poster!

To serve a pleasant reminder: last year, we ran a DP train special. The trains, built for Argentina, were handed over to the Soviet Railways as a part of war reparations. Here you can see a Ganz train in its Argentine livery.

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