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This poster is an interesting mix of old and new:

A Russian proletarian dressed after a pre-Revolution fashion (visor cap + silk blouse + striped trousers + high boots) is riding a cigarette made by state-owned factory, with state-owned Mosselprom grocery store in the background. The brand name awarded with such a bombastic presentation is not too impressive - just Pachka ("Pack"). 1920s at their best.

This working-class guy is advertising a typically Russian version of cigarettes - papirosa. It consists of an empty cardboard tube (mouthpiece) having a common thin paper skin with tobacco-filled "warhead". Here's papirosa in action:

(Photo by Valery Orlov)

Soviet tobacco ads and box designs were numerous and varied. Let's see some.

Beware of imitations! "Pushki" (Guns) by Zelensky. 1920s, Leningrad

Nothing better than "Trezvon", also by Zelensky

(Here "Trezvon"  - i.e. "Chime" - means "gossip")

Ask for "Sapho"! Another Zelensky's masterpiece

"Derby". Monumental art of 1930s

Rosa Luxembourg factory, Rostov-on-Don, 1920s

"Salve", Odessa

Urtak, Uzbekistan

Sometimes the cigarette pack served a media for advertising:

Savings Bank ad on "Nasha Marka" (Our Brand), Rostov-on-Don

Another "Nasha Marka" pack, promoting the "For Industrialization" newspaper.

This one, with inscriptions in German, with inevitable "Workers of the world unite!" is destined for export - or at least pretending to be an export item.

"Intourist" cigarettes, early 1930s. In English!

"Football", late 1930s or 1940s. Sport and tobacco were friends.

Remember Captain Cigar? His brand was not the only one.

But the real Soviet was the "Belomorkanal" (1932). To commemorate the construction (by forced labor) of the Baltic Sea - White Sea Canal, Uritsky tobacco factory in Leningrad introduced a special brand of papirosa, its pack designed by A. Tarakanov. Here is an early design version, with Kiel and Suez Canals on the map (marked in blue).

And after WWII, some relative of Captain Cigar urged customers to buy "real" cigarettes. No more cardboard mouthpieces. No filter yet. The slogan reads simply: "Smoke cigarettes!" (1950)


There's some more in the album (22 images). Browse it - or enjoy the slideshow:

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