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The Evolution of Popular Music By Year (1890-2009) (USA)

So, before you watch my amazing historical video, a few notes you should read before:

This video is intended to give a very light overview of the most well known popular songs, by year, in the USA.

Very few effects of time travel are known, but one of them includes the sensation that the tracks are getting shorter and shorter as we approach our day and age.

All the pictures are intended to represent at least one of the original authors of the song WHEN it became a hit

Not always will the recording used match the described year (for obvious technological and quality reasons)

Why the U.S.A. alone? Information about its pop history is more easily available and dates further back, as well as the availability of some of the original songs' files.

Accuracy? I cann't guarantee 100% authenticity from the period between 1890 to 1949, but I can guarantee the authencity from that period onwards. My main source was the website musicoutfitters.


Enjoy the video!

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