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Ladies and Gents, there's still time to get your riffs jumpin' for the second Athena Exhibition. Show us what the FUTURE holds with a Dieselpunk swing to it. Get the scoop here. Don't wait 'til tomorrow to show us *your* tomorrow!

How it works:
Between now and 31 July, use your best means of expression to exhibit your Dieselpunk concept of this month's theme. Entries can be original: fiction, nonfiction, articles, essays, artwork, photography, even audio and video. Email your entry to me at athenaprimeATgmailDOTcom with the heading "Dieselpunk Great Expo" in the subject line, and use the PM system here to let me know you've sent me something (this covers all our bases in the event of spamcatcher shenanigans). I'll aggregate them and post them all at once. Join us on August 1 when all the entries will be posted under the month's "Expo Pavilion" heading. Stroll along the galleries and enjoy your fellow dieselpunks' works of art and literature.

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