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...so, in honor of the occasion, let's not forget that the Three Stooges were among the great pioneers of Film Noir.


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Comment by Ken Kellett on March 14, 2013 at 8:47pm

Hear, hear.

A brief moment of contemplation for the wonderful Samuel Horwitz. What a character. Original 3rd stooge, quit because he didn't like the deal with Ted Healy. Wen't on to do those Gilbert and Howard shorts, appeared in Thin Man movies, The Bank Dick...then back to help fill the gap after his brother Jerome was sadly lost, to the world's great misfortune. And made some of the most memorable stooges.

I wonder what Shemp's life was really like, I mean on the inside. I know he liked cigars and betting on the horses. I imagine he was a gas to hang out with; I wonder about whether he was ever lonely, or what his pain was about.

Thanks, Mr. Horwitz, for all the wonderful performances that delight me just as much as when I was a mere sprite. Live on forever, sir. Sure wish I could have bent the elbow with you over cigars in the lounge at the track sometime. OH the stories you could tell. Rest in peace, friend. Eternal thanks.

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